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Micha Schellhaas | Guitarist and Producer in Los Angeles

The first reviews are rolling in!

In this one the writer picked the most jazz-oriented tune as the peak of the album. I dig it!

“Next is one of my personal favorites on this quite delightful debut album, ‘False Fork.’ A brilliant title aside, its drummed back beat of swing jazz mixes elegantly with its subtle 70’s soul undercurrent to produce a track that, for my money, encapsulates the guitar genius of Schellhaas quite like no other. That’s backed by ‘5&6,’ a much harder, rockier guitar piece, which is then followed by fun ride of ‘Travel Song.’ The album then comes to a close with the Texas swing Blues rock of ‘Texaleans’ and then the to-die-for melodies associated with ‘Slow Blues For B.B.’ enable the full-length musical masterpiece to round out in some style.”

Read the full review on Anne Carlini’s website

December 15th, 2015

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