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Micha Schellhaas | Guitarist and Producer in Los Angeles

“Micha has a unique touch on the guitar that sets him apart from everyone playing the instrument today. That feel, in combination with his beautiful composing is what makes him a joy to listen to.” – Carl Verheyen (Supertramp)

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Micha Schellhaas – Compositions, Guitars // Chad Wackerman – Drums // Dave Marotta – Bass // Jim Cox – Piano, Hammond B3 // Carl Verheyen – Production and additional guitars // Recorded 2015 in Los Angels, California

Track list: 1.Velocity | 2.Ford F-150 | 3.Double Take | 4.Your Turn | 5.False Fork | 6.5&6 | 7.Travel Song | 8.Texaleans | 9.Slow Blues For B.B.


All music written by Micha Schellhaas. Carl Verheyen guest solos in tracks #4 and #8 and additional guitars/mandolin in tracks #7 and #8.
Recorded in Los Angeles at Citrus College (engineered by Tim Jaquette/studio assistant Aubrey Hart), and at MichaMusic/Ice Cave Studio (engineered by Micha Schellhaas). Mixed by Jorge Costa at RedCello Studios. Mastered by Robert Hadley, Los Angeles, CA. Cover photo by Josh Fassbind. Graphic Design by Emily Gore.

From the press release of Double Take

Says Micha, “ ‘Double Take’, my first full length release, reflects my relationship with the US and my journey to come and in the end live here. After I was already established in Europe with steady gigs and my own recording studio, the artist in me was still not happy and I needed to go and check out the source and birthplaces of the music and ‘sound’ I was most inspired by: Jazz, Blues and Rock. My first trip was a 3 month driving loop starting and ending in NYC all the way through New Orleans, Austin, LA, San Francisco and back. Songs like ‘Travel Song’ and ‘Texaleans’ reflect that time. Later I lived in Austin/Texas for a while and you can hear that ‘Stevie Ray’ sound in my songs ‘Ford F-150’ and ‘Your Turn’ that also features a blazing solo by Carl Verheyen. Now living in LA more fusion influences came back to my writing in compositions like ‘Velocity’ and ‘5&6’.”

Says Micha, “Carl Verheyen produced the album. He is a guitar legend, and brought all his guitar wisdom and experience with him in the studio. He is also a vintage guitar expert and has countless hours of experience recording great guitar sounds with vintage gear. His own albums set standards in guitar music today.

Chad Wackerman played the drums. He started his career when he was only 17 years old and played alongside Steve Vai in Frank Zappa’s band. He is to this day one of the top drummers in the world. His organic playing is just as much supporting as it is exciting and really defined the sound of this album. Chad caught on the unique details of each tune and groove immediately, and really made everything shine. He was my number one drummer in the world for the record, since I knew he can play a swing, a texas blues, a tune with brushes and a heavy riff odd meter tune all on one record and make it fit together perfectly.

Jim Cox played Hammond B-3, Grand Piano and Fender Rhodes. He is touring with Mark Knopfler and Robben Ford regularly. Jim has a fantastic way of playing that is colorful and strong, always supporting the song and never in the way of the guitars. He can pick up a solo in any style right away and plays great chords to support the melody. He is one of the finest Organ players around and we made sure we had a B3 at the studio.

Dave Marotta played bass. He also played on several of Carl’s albums and is well known for his work with Gino Vannelli and Burt Bacharach. He, Carl and Chad have been playing together for a long time and it was great to have a well working rhythm section for the recordings right from the start. Dave’s super solid playing and quick communication with Chad solidified the vibe of a great band just having fun in the studio and recording a record full of interesting grooves and great arrangements.”

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